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How can I find information about American views of the meat industry and what the public opinion is?

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I tried a few straight-forward searches, combining "meat industry" AND "public opinion" but wasn't having good luck with the results.

So, I thought to myself, does the average American think about the meat industry? If so, why would they? The three possible reasons that came to my mind were -

a).  meat safety - am I going to get eColi from hamburger, or salmonella from chicken?

b). is the way we raise and slaughter meat ethical - am I comfortable with a CAFO or would I rather spend my meat dollars on organic meat?

c).  Is eating meat healthy for me?

I ran a number of searches in SOLAR. These follow with active links to the results. Of all the searches, the "organic meat" search came closest to how I interpreted your question. My current hindsight is that this makes sense, since organic meat is going to be more expensive than factory raised meat, and, if someone is going to spend more, they probably have an opinion as to why it is worth the extra dollars.

So, for now, I would browse the results of the attached searches and see if they meet your needs.

Good luck with the rest of the semester.

Organic meat, limited to periodicals, newspapers

Meat ethics

Meat safety, limited to newspapers, United States

Meat safety, limited to periodicals, United States

Meat eating health*, limited to periodicals and newspapers, United States*)&type=0&site=eds-live

Meat consumption in US – see Statistical Abstract of the United States

Meat industry trade organizations (we should assume they are “pro” meat industry)

Meat Industry Profile: United States (2011)



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