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I'm using a text book in my paper where each chapter is written by a different author? Can I cite the whole book once, or do I cite each chapter?

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In APA style, you are going to have to treat each chapter as a separate piece of information (just like you would treat different articles in one issue of a journal) and cite them accordingly.

This, from page 204 of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association,6th edition.

25.  Book chapter, print version

Haybron, D. M. (1988). Extracts from Piaget's theory (G. Gellerier & J. Langer, Trans.). In K. Richardson & S. Sheldon (Eds.). Cognitive development to adolescence: A reader (pp. 3-18). Hillsdale, N.J.: Earlbaum. (Reprinted from Manual of child psychology, pp. 703-732, by P. H. Mussen, Ed., 1970, New York, NY: Wiley)

[note]. In text, use the following parenthetical citation: (Piaget, 1970/1988).

Commentary from Ask Us @ CSS -

a).  APA can be confusing enough without selecting an example that is a translation and a reprint. In most cases you will not have to deal with this, and your citation will end after "Earlbaum" - which is the place of publication. And your parenthetical reference would have only one date then.

b). This form gives the chapter author the credit for the content. However, until recently library catalogs (where you would find books) could not search at the chapter level. So, you need to credit the book (and the editors of the book) in order for the "trail of bread crumbs" to work - that is for people to know what book you found this chapter in, and for them to be able to locate the book.

c). The page range is for the entire chapter.

d). In this example the last bit of parenthesized information does not have a period after it. This is not a typo. However, if your book is not a reprint, it would end in a period (look at "Earlbaum" in the example).

e). due to problems viewing this answer with different browsers, the indenting of the APA example is not correct. Bottom two lines should be indented.

Remember. APA does not exist to make our lives easier.




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