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I am trying to contact an author for permission to use a table that she created for my manuscript. The email address that I can find is no longer wo

king. How can I find her contact information?
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I don't have a magic bullet for this question.

Two thoughts -

a). the Google search - this would just involve some old-fashioned detective work. Try the author's name & other info you might know and see if you can some how pull some contact info.

b). Institutional affiliation - if your author is an academic or a medical person, he or she is probably associated with a college or hospital. If you have an article written by the author, it often lists this affiliation of the first page of the article. If you can find this piece of info, then head to website of the school or hospital and use their personnel directory to see if you can locate the person, or perhaps get a clue as to where the person might have gone.

Best of luck on this one.

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