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review of previously completed capstone projects

I would like to review previous successfully completed capstone projects to get a better view of expectations for myself in the next year. Would you please point me to where I can find them within the library catalog?
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While the information listed below in this question is still valid, most students looking for current CSS theses or capstone projects will want to search our Dissertations and Theses @ The College of St. Scholastica database.

Graduate students at The College of St. Scholastica finish either a thesis or a project as part of their studies. Both theses and projects are searchable via ScholastiCAT- the CSS Library catalog.

Theses are research-based. Projects tend toward finding solutions to a workplace-specific problem.

Q. How do I browse a list of available theses & projects?
The following links will take you to a the list of projects or theses cataloged with these terms -

Computer information systems project

Education project

Education thesis

Exercise physiology thesis

Health information management project

Management project

Management thesis

Nursing project

Nursing thesis

Occupational therapy project

Occupational therapy thesis

Physical therapy project

Physical therapy thesis

Q. How can I get hold of a copy of a thesis or project?

The majority of our theses & projects are in print format in the library, and may be checked out. If you are a distance student, you may have a thesis or project sent to you through our Rover Service.

Starting in 2008/2009, theses & projects are submitted in digital format and are available in .pdf format through the CSS Library.

If a thesis/project is available in digital format, there is a direct link to it from the catalog record in ScholastiCAT.

You may also search our digital reposititory of full-text theses & projects: Dissertations & Theses @ The College of St. Scholastica  [please note: This repository only contains our digital collection. There are no records for pre-2008 print theses & projects].

Q.  Is it possible to search in ScholastiCAT for just digital theses & projects?
Yes, there is. Use the subject heading online projects[please note: As time & copyright permits, we are digitizing our print theses & projects. This is why you will see some pre-2008 items].

Q.  Is it possible to see what my classmates in say, St. Paul or St. Cloud, have submitted as theses or projects?
Yes. Use the following subject headings: St. Paul ADEP | St. Cloud ADEP | Brainerd ADEP
 There are no headings for Duluth ADEP or Rochester ADEP.

Q.  Is it possible just to browse the thesis & project collection?
Yes. All theses & projects are shelved together on the first floor of the Library. Your librarians have developed a highly sophisticated sytem of "colored dots" on the spine. A key for the color code is posted with the collection.

Looking for a Health Information Management project? Just browse the shelves for the pink dot. Don't laugh. Sometimes a low-tech solution like this can be a great way of getting an idea of what people have done in the past, and for you to realize that it is not as intimidating as you might think.

Good luck with your thesis or project.



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