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I am looking for the Intermittent Claudication Questionnaire and Walking Impairment Questionnaire.

I can find studies/articles that have used them, but cannot find the actual questionnaires. Any suggestions of where to look? Thanks. Becca Hilden
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Questionnaires, scales, surveys, etc. can be a long and tricky process to find. Many of them are proprietary, meaning in one sense, they don't want to be found - either because permission for use must be granted from the author, or if the questionnaire was public knowledge, knowing the questions might skewer the results.

With that said, here is what you are looking for -

Walking Impairment Questionnaire
Developed by Dr. Judith Regensteiner at the University of Colorado, the WIQ is available at:

Intermittent Claudication Questionnaire
The ICQ appears as an appendix in the online edition of The Journal of Vascular Surgery, as part of the article "The Intermittent Claudication Questionnaire: A Patient-Assessed Condition-Specific Health Outcome Measure" (Journal of Vascular Surgery, 36, 764-771).

The ICQ appears on p. 9.

Good luck with your research.


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