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I would like to check out "Philosophy, An Introduction" by Joseph M. Bochenski, but attend UMD; what should I do?

The book is in 'storage' at UMD so a librarian told me I could check out this book at St. Scholastica because it appears to be more accessible. Do I need to come to the Scholastica library to pick it up or can it be transferred to UMD to pick up? Thank you for your time!
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UMD students may borrow books from the CSS Library. Here are the steps to follow -

a).  Head over to the CSS Library. If you come during the day, you will need to pay for a parking permit [Obtained at the Business Office - $2]. Parking is free on-campus after 4:30 p.m. We do not have a courier system for books between CSS & UMD. 

b).  You will need to apply for a special borrow's card at the Library's circulation desk. There is no charge for a special borrower's card for UMD students. Please bring your UMD student ID card to verify your status. Application should take less than ten minutes. Please come before 9:00 p.m., as there needs to be a staff member or student supervisor available to issue your card.

c).  UMD students are limited to borrowing 5 books at one time.

d).  We do not pull books from the shelves, so you will need to look up the call number and locate the book yourself. You can check the call number, the floor the book is located on, and its availability through ScholastiCAT, our library catalog.

Good luck with your paper.

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