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how do I cite from a webster dictionary, apa style? Is it just like a book?

in text, and for the reference page
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Yes, the Webster dictionary would basically be like a book, but as it has no author and editions, it does have some variations to it.

As it has no author and we use it similar to a subject encyclopedia, start with the title of the word you used in the dictionary; for example, the word Jejunum. Capitalize it and follow it with a period. The rest of the parts for the 2003 11th edition of the dictionary are as follows:

Year of Publication: (2003).
In parentheses, list the year of publication, which appears on the title page or the title page verso (back side of title page). Follow the parentheses with a period. 

Title & subtitle of the book: In Merriam-Webster's dictionary
The title and subtitle are separated by a colon. Capitalize only the first word of the title and subtitle and all proper nouns or names.  Italicize the title but do not end with a period as the dictionary has an edition.

Edition of book: (11th ed.).
Place the edition number in parentheses after the book title. Follow by ed. and a period outside the parentheses.

Place of publication: Springfield, MA:
List the city and state of the publisher's location. Use the standard postal abbreviations for states.  For publishers outside the United States list the city and country. Separate place from publisher with a colon.  If more than one city is given, use the first city listed or, if specified, the name of the publisher's home office.  Separate from publisher with a colon. 

Publisher: Merriam-Webster, Inc.
Shorten publisher's name to most concise form.  End the citation with a period. 

This is how the entire entry would look:
Jejunum. (2003). In Merriam-Webster's dictionary (11th ed.). Springfield, MA: Merriam-Webster, Inc.

When using it in your paper, you would include the word and the year as well as the page number if you were quoting it in parentheses at the end of the sentence (Jejunum, 2003) OR if quoting it, (Jejunum, 2003, p. 671) finishing the sentence with a period.

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