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how do I cite an article from the Agency Healthcare Research and Quality. It has authors listed, so do I use their names or the website. Also which

date do I use, the agency reviewed date at the bottom of the web page, or the articles pub date?
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Answering a citation question without actually having eyes on the item being cited can be tricky, but here goes.

a). If the document has named authors, they should trump the name of the agency. [MLA would allow both to be used, but APA is no MLA :)].

b).  The date is more iffy, since we don't know if anything was changed in the review. Does the review mean approval or does it mean editing?  There is probably no way to know. I have gone back and forth a bit on this, and right now I would say go with the article's publication date.  If the site had said "updated" as opposed to "reviewed" I would go with the update. But, we will make the assumption the article was written at a certain time and the "review" meant approval before posting.

Good luck.

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