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I don’t think APA has anything set in stone for this type of resource, so you may wish to query your professor as they will know how to cite it. However, with that said, probably the closet source in the APA Style Guide to Electronic Resources, 6th edition is for an entry in a reference book (p. 19):

22. Entry in a reference work

Graham, G. (2005). Behaviorism. In E. N. Zalta (Ed.), The Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy (Fall 2007 ed.). 
     Retrieved from

Here is what your citation might look like.

Zaderenko, S. (Ed.). (2017, October 11). Maintenance medications for bipolar disorder (Rec. No. 910318). In DynaMed Plus. Retrieved from



a). The software I use to answer this doesn't allow me to indent and space properly for APA. You will need to make those corrections.

b). I found the record number for your entry at the bottom of the page under "How to cite."

c). In the last example, I chose the permalink (right-hand column) I found when I located your entry in SOLAR.

Citing is sometimes art as well as science.

Here is a similar question answered by one of our other librarians.


I have an article that I pulled from SOLAR several days ago. I am unsure of how to cite the article for a paper that I am writing. The article is from DynaMed Plus. Ipswich (MA) EBSCO information services 1995 Record No. 114280, Acute lower gastrointestinal bleeding, updated 2017 Dec,06. I am not sure if the article is taken from an online book. 


You will want to cite an article from DynaMed Plus like you would an entry in an online reference work or chapter in an edited book. You can find an example on page 18 (examples 22) in the APA Style Guide for Electronic References.

A couple specific notes for your citation:

  • Use the authors of the article as the authors in the reference. Skip if there are no identifiable authors.
  • For the year in the reference, use the updated date that is listed.
  • For the title, use the title of the article.
  • Use the name of the deputy editor(s) for the article as the editor(s) of the reference work. Content or section editors do not need to be listed in the reference.
  • Write DynaMed Plus in italics as the name of the reference work.
  • Provide a retrieval date because the content will change over time.
  • Provide a URL for retrieval of the article.

Your reference might look like this:

Acute lower gastrointestinal bleeding in adults. (2017, December 6). In T. K. Trow (Ed.), DynaMed Plus. Retrieved March 12, 2018, from

Your parenthetical or intext citation might look like this: ("Acute Lower," 2017).

As always, remember not just the letter of the law of citing, but the spirit.

Will your reader know exactly what you are citing and have the information needed to find your original source if so interested?

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