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a). Head to CINAHL and login. Once you have accessed the database, under the search box use the link for "advanced search."

b).  Copy and paste the title of your 2005 article, "Oncology nurses’ knowledge, attitudes, and experiences regarding advance directives" into the search box. Change the default search in the box to the immediate right from Select a field (optional) to TI Title. Click on search.

c).  This should bring up the record for your 2005 article by Jezewski. Click on the title of the article to view the complete record. Four major subject headings have been attached to this article (see attached image "Major subject headings of Jezewski article). The two that seem to reflect your query best are "advance directives" and "nursing knowledge."

d). Return to the advanced search screen and clear out the last search. In the first search box type "advance directive" (make sure you don't type advancedirectives like I did twice!) and then change the field box to the immediate right from Select a field (optional) to MW Word in Subject heading.

e). In the second search box, below the first, type "nursing knowledge" and then change the field box from Select a field (optional) to MW Word in subject heading. (See attached image "ready for advanced search").

f). CINAHL is a great database, and all great databases begin with good, consistent indexing. When each article is entered into the database a human being reads it, determines what it is about, and then adds subject headings to it. What we have done is set up a search that takes advantage of that. Newer articles that have been added since 2005 on this topic should have been given the same subject headings and so we should find them.

g). Now click on "search." This should yield over 40 articles. If you want you can use the "relevance" drop-down menu on the results screen to toggle the search results to "date newest" which will present them to you in chronological order, newest to oldest. There is even one from March, 2018 (though you will have to ILL if it is of interest).

Good luck with your paper.



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