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It sounds as if you have a book with multiple chapters written by multiple authors, however, you want to use several chapters from this book which happen to be written by the same authors ... correct?

If so, then you need to treat each chapter as an individual piece of information and create an individual citation for each. Follow the form for Chapter from an Edited Book.

Since you will have multiple citations with the same authors & dates, you can differentiate them with a letter system, i.e.

White, T., & Aussie, R. T. (2014a). Sheepdogs are the best. In F. Blanco (Ed.). Which Canines Rule?

     (pp. 241-255). New York: Woof-Woof Press.

White, T., & Aussie, R. T. (2014b). Sheepdogs are neurotic. In F. Blanco (Ed.). Which Canines Rule?

     (256-270). New York: Woof-Woof Press.


Your in-text would then be something like ...

The Australian Shepherd is a "blue-eyed devil" (White & Aussie, 2014a., p. 241). Many owners have stated that mismatched yellow and blue eyes add to the general feeling of craziness (White & Aussie, 2014b.).




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