How do I cite the Core Documents found on the APTA website in APA style? (specifically the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice)


I would treat this as a website for the purpose of citing.

Here are the parts you are going to need to create the citation ...

1. Author: In this case it is you professional organization -

American Physical Therapy Association.

2. Date of publication: This is a little tricky. The index page that links to your document says it is updated in August of 2013. However, the actual document you are referencing has no publication date on it. Because of that, I think it needs to be treats as an undated document (since the URL will link to it, and not the index page), making our date -


3.  Title of the webpage: Code of ethics for the physical therapist.

4. Retrieval statement: We are going to use the link the pops right into the code of ethics -

Retrieved from

Now we will string it all together ...

American Physical Therapy Association. (n.d.). Code of ethics for the physical therapist.

   Retrieved from


NOTE:  Since I wrote this answer I spoke with two PT students who explained that APTA core documents are dated. The date appears directly after the title of the document in notations which cite the history of the document updates.


HOD S06-09-07-12 [Amended HOD S06-00-12-23; HOD 06-91-05-05;HOD 06-87-11-17; HOD 06-81-06-18; HOD 06-78-06-08; HOD 06-78-06-07; HOD 06-77-18-30; HOD 06-77-17-27;  Initial HOD 06-73-13-24] [Standard]

Please consult your professor for an explanation of this notation system.

A SECOND NOTE: This from another PT student:

"The second dashed number (in this example the 09) is the year, there is a clarification of the dating at the bottom of the document."

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