How do I cite a MN state statute?

This is what I am hoping to cite -


Page 361 of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, 7th edition, states that a citation for a statute should include the following:

In the reference for a federal or state statute, include the name of the act; the title; source (abbreviated as specified in the Bluebook), and section number of the statute; and, in parentheses, the publication date of the statutory compilation that you used (e.g., the U.S.C. or a state-specific compilation).  You may include the URL from which you retrieved the statute after the year. This is not strictly required for legal citations but may aid readers in retrieval.

Basically, APA has its style, but also refers to the Bluebook, the bible of legal citing. I answered a question about MN statutes for APA 6th, and since I don't see anything changing between the 6th & 7th edition, I am leaning on the answer for this question. You can view that answer here -

I think your statute should look something like this - 

Placement of Students; Approval of Education Program. Minn. Stat. ₴₴125A.515. (2020).

Two notes:

a.  My software can't make the proper indenting and spacing for the above example.
b). The little squiggly S with the slash can be found in Word, under "insert symbol." You should also be able to copy and paste out of this email.

Your parenthetical reference is the name of the act & the year.

(Placement of students; Approval of Education Program, 2020).



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