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First of all, let me state, I totally dig your cultural references.

According to the Horse's Mouth, AKA the National Library of Medicine, here is the difference.

If  you don't want to read that much, here is the CSS Librarians' take for CSS students -

Medline is the largest subset of Pubmed. It has all the good medical stuff in it. What is not included is more "hard science" journals. So, if your research is not looking into whether or not hypertension is caused by the shifting of the earth's tectonic plates, you are just fine using CSS's subscription to Medline. It is also tied directly to the library's full-text collection and Interlibrary Loan which PubMed is not., which saves you valuable time looking for the full-text. Also, because PubMed is not vetted like Medline, predatory journal content can slip into it. So, CSS students, make you life easier for the moment and use Medline.

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