Answered By: Todd White
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I'm not sure what type  of imaging you are looking at, whether MRI or ultrasound. So, we will need to split the difference and do a more general search.

I would start my searching in CINAHL with Full-Text. 

After you login, click on the link for "advanced search" (located under the search box).

a).  Now, in the first search box, where you cursor is already set, type in - imaging

b).  In the box immediately to the right, change the default from "select a field (optional)" to "TI title."

c). click on search

d).  At the top of the left-hand column opposite your search results is a section for "refine your results." Click on the link for "show more."

e). This will bring up a pop-up screen. Scroll down. On the the left hand side is a box for "special interest." Change the default from "all" to "physical therapy." Click on "search."

This should give you a results set of over 700 articles from physical therapy journals where the word "imaging" is used in the title of the article. In your question you stated you needed "an article." I assume it's just one, so I would recommend at this time to browse the results and see if you find one of interest. If you move the your cursor over the yellow file/magnifying glass icon, it will pop up the article's abstract.

If the results are off-base from what you are looking for, then we would probably need to confer so I can get a better idea of what you are looking for.

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